cPanel X3 for Linux Shared / Reseller Hosting

We have compiled an extensive library of Flash-based tutorials that lead you step by step through several different tasks you may need to complete. Macromedia Flash Player is required in order to view the tutorials. Click here to download if you do not have Macromedia Flash Player.

Linux Shared Hosting
General Videos
How to login to cPanel
Becoming familiar and Navigating around in cPanel
Creating an FTP account
Using File Manager
An introduction to using Fantastico
How to keep your contact information up to date in cPanel
Installing FrontPage extensions
Creating custom error pages
How to change your cPanel style
How to setup a cron job in cPanel
Using the Disk Usage Viewer in cPanel
Using Index Manager
How to manage the Raw Access Logs
How to use Web Disk in cPanel
Email Videos
Creating a POP account
Using WebMail
Creating an email autoresponder
Creating a default (catchall) email account
Redirecting mail
How to trace an email address
Domain Videos
Creating an add-on domain
Creating a subdomain
How to park a domain
How to manage URL redirects from cPanel
Database Videos
Creating a MySQL database
Managing a MySQL database in PHPMyAdmin
Security Videos
Password protecting a directory
Enabling Hotlink Protection
Changing control panel password
Backing up your site
How to use IP Deny Manager
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Web Host Manager for Linux Reseller Hosting
Tutorials Video
Managing your hosting packages
Managing your hosting accounts
Managing your bandwidth
Managing your subdomains
Managing your skeleton directory
Managing your DNS zones
Managing your suspended accounts
Managing your parked domains
Managing your FrontPage Extentions
Modifying account passwords
Monitoring your server
Troubleshooting email
Setting up a Remote Access Key
Changing your WHM theme
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